Albany International

Steve Mushero spent 5 years at Albany International, mostly in East Greenbush, NY (near Albany). He was part of the startup team for the new $50 million press fabric manufacturing plant pictured here, as senior engineer in charge of electrical and control systems. He built, managed, and trained numerous engineering and maintenance teams in design, automation software, advanced systems engineering and troubleshooting.
Steve was responsible for all power and control systems at the facility, including machine design, maintenance, robotics, radioactive gauging, safety systems, heating and HVAC controls, an 8 megawatt plant power system, and numerous other plant systems.

One of the two large $3 million, 100 ton Needle Looms that puts together paper machine felts.  One of our largest machines.  Steve's involvement in the 2nd machine resulted in over 100 design improvements.

A finishing dryer - one of Steve's first automation projects.


An idea of the size of the systems - the world's largest rolls, weighing 10-20 tons drive much of the machinery.


A carding needle loom, another of the specialty systems for handling delicate textiles.


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