How we work

GLOBALTECH is more of an advisory practice than a consulting firm.  This means that we generally operate on a higher level and for a longer term than regular consultants. Since our background and experience is so broad and deep, you'll find that we tend to add value all throughout the company, even though our initial engagement may be focused on one specific area.

If we take a position as interim-CTO or other technology executive, we typically oversee portions of your business, such as designing a product, hiring a staff, building a technology group, etc.  We generally do not manage these people directly, but provide CTO-level executive management while using an Engineering Manager or VP of Engineering to handle the day to day tasks.

If we are on your advisory board, you can expect us to be knowledgeable about your industry segment, the technologies deployed there, the customers, the issues and the major players. 

We also occasionally get involved in other, more specific technology projects, such as writing specifications, customer visits, test and validation plans, etc. 

We typically work on an hourly basis, with stock options commensurate with the value we will be adding.  We normally receive an up front retainer before we begin work.

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