Steve Mushero at Intermind

Steve was VP & CTO of Intermind in Seattle, leading the development of the company's revolutionary "push" technology.

Steve joined Intermind in the summer of 1995, when it had six employees selling dial-up software.  Much bigger plans were in the  works, though, and the company really took off from there, growing to nearly 100 people in the next nine months. Intermind eventually delivered over 100,000 registered copies of its products.

As CTO from the beginning, Steve ran the technical side of the business, building the engineering, QA, IS and support teams up to nearly 50 people.  He also lead the design of the product suite, including a multi-platform desktop application (16 and 32 bit Windows, MacIntosh and Unix) and various server products.  Since co-location facilities didn't really exist yet, Steve also designed and had built a complete data center with over 100 servers, T-3 Internet connections (huge in 1996), systems management and 24 hour staffing.

Design flexibility and developmental velocity was critical at that juncture, such that Intermind could release new product versions every few weeks.  This was due, in part to its internal development of a number of extremely sophisticated technologies, including object-oriented databases and dynamic, HTML-based scripting languages.  In fact, the Intermind product was probably the earliest HTML-based desktop application.

Along the way, Intermind filed and was granted several patents on its technologies.  These patents run hundreds of pages and are among the largest and most sophisticated ever submitted to the patent office.  These patents can be seen on the previous page.


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