Business Plan Review, Assistance & Defense


A business plan is one of the company's most valuable assets, if used properly. It is also the main vehicle used to obtain funding and to plan the company's growth. Many, if not most, companies do not spend adequate time and energy developing a good solid business plan before they go out to seek funding.

Unfortunately, most business plans are never read by investors; instead, they rely on a well-written executive summary. We often assist in the distillation of the business plan into a 2-3 page executive summary that tells a compelling story, hits key highlights, and hooks the investor or potential employee.

A Business Plan Review is generally a comprehensive analysis of an existing plan; however, it can also be assistance with a writing a new plan. The review will typically result in a written report and critique, plus meetings with senior management to explain challenges and to work on improving the plan.

We also often assist in fleshing out various components of the business plan, especially the timing and financial aspects. Assistance here includes help with revenue, expense, and cash flow models, staffing timing and plans, development and product release time lines, etc.

Business Plan Review can also include mock presentations (like a Ph.D defense) to help improve delivery of critical information and fielding of tough questions. We are excellent at playing Devil's advocate and asking the tough questions that potential investors will ask.

Advanced Business Plan Services can also include attending fund-raising sessions or VC/Angel meetings to assist in message delivery, help provide presentation feedback, and assist in gauging effectiveness.

For more information on business plans, please see the Business Plan section of our Resource area.

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