Chief Technical Officer Services


A good CTO is nearly as difficult to find as a CEO these days. Many small firms need the services of a senior technical officer or architect, but cannot find one, afford the six-figure salary, nor can they keep such an individual busy in some cases.

Unfortunately, most companies can't be funded without a good CTO at least on board as an advisor. Additionally, there is a large gap or difference between a CTO and a director of engineering or lead developer. The CTO is a company officer and executive and really operates a different level, both in terms of corporate governance and in looking at the big technology picture. In addition, the CTO must interact at a high level with investors, customers, and partners. The CTO also generally has to build an entire set of teams and structures for development, quality control, internal IS systems, documentation, and sometimes technical support.

We provide CTO resources to allow a company to utilize these services on a limited basis to assist in designing products, reviewing plans, and hiring additional technical staff. This service often takes the form of an interim CTO or an advisory CTO during the fund raising process. We also often assist in locating and hiring a permanent CTO and other technical resources along the way.


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