Steve Mushero

Steve Mushero is a serial entrepreneur, senior advisor, and investor in numerous startup companies. He has an exceptionally broad and deep background, including senior management in high-growth firms, CTO, manufacturing, international business, and intellectual property. His education includes an electrical engineering degree and an MBA in Technology Management and International Business. His experience covers a very wide range of business activities and responsibilities and a deep technical understanding in most communications and Internet-related fields.

Mr. Mushero is CTO for and/or sits on advisory boards of several Internet firms. As one of the original inventors of Internet Push technology as CTO of Intermind, he is a co-holder of several patents in the Internet space, including US #5,862,325, US #6,044,205, US #6088717, International #WO09732251A1 and Australian #702,509. Several additional patents are pending in the US, Europe and Japan.

Mr. Mushero started on the Internet in 1994 and was VP & CTO for Intermind, which grew from 5 to nearly 100 people in about six months. He built the entire development, IS, and support groups from scratch, delivering one of the first HTML-based Internet products in nine months in 1996.  See the story of Intermind and Steve's role here.

Mr. Mushero has been architect and design manager for large-scale products, including a high-end, $1 million per copy insurance and financial tracking system used to track and mange billions of dollars of revenue for a variety of large companies.  See the story of that system and Steve's involvement here.

Mr. Mushero also has extensive experience in many high-tech areas, including client-server systems, database systems, enterprise security and network design. He was the only industry individual asked by leading vendors of both clients (Powersoft) and servers (Sybase) to support their customers in on-line forums (Compuserve), answering over 100 questions per day in the early 1990's.

Mr. Mushero's previous experience includes heavy manufacturing engineering at Albany International and Gates Fibers, where he was an expert in machine design, factory automation and information systems, real-time computing, life-safety management (natural gas, heating, and safety systems), motion control, drive systems, user interface design, process engineering, radioactive gauging, and high-voltage/high-power electrical system engineering.  See the story of Albany International and Steve's role here.

Mr. Mushero's undergraduate degree is in Electrical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY. His MBA is also from RPI and included exchange semesters in Japan at the International University of Japan in Niigata prefecture.

Mr. Mushero is also a writer, creating his forth-coming MushNet, a commentary piece about politics, business, economics, technology, international relations, and the arts. He also occasionally writes fiction pieces for on-line magazines.

Mr. Mushero is an avid sailor, diver, motorcyclist, snow and water skier, snowmobiler, and four-wheeler. He used to play the saxophone, but now sticks to just playing the radio.

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